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Railroad rumors began to reach the people. There were a few houses but that was all until the railroad came through in 1880. A depot was completed and trains made regular stops. Robert Wheatley was the first station agent. 

     The railroad was the center of the communities it served, as a stockyards, depot, hotels and other businesses quickly were built to meet the needs of Stanhope. The railroad was important for grain sales also. Corn, oats, and flax were shipped as well as cattle. The railroad was needed for coal, too.

East and west coast of North America was linked with railway network on May 10, 1866 by uniting Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads. This 3000 miles long railroad enabled people to travel from New York to California in mere days, instead of weeks and months.

Horse and Buggy Days

The upper middle class used buggies, as did farmers, while the rich had the more elegant 4-wheel carriages for local use. In the late 19th century bicycles became another factor in urban personal transport. It was a primary mode of short-distance personal transportation, especially between 1815 and 1915

Stanhope Blizzard, 1909

Travel made easier during the long winter months.

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