The Early Years

     The Stanhope Public Library is proud to be a part of a continued tradition that has sought to preserve and enrich a better understanding and appreciation for the historical existence of our small community.

     It is hard to imagine our founding families traveling from great distances, settling in unknown territory, willing themselves to face the uncertainties and hardships with the courage and strength needed to build and sustain a better future for themselves and their families. This addition to our website is intended to renew that spirit of commitment that we all share; that our families, neighbors and friends, can all continue to live in a safe and nourishing community. It is only when we acknowledge and appreciate past experiences, that we are able to define the presence of today and envision the future of tomorrow.


For a complete and detailed account of Stanhope history and the sources for much of this information.

     STANHOPE 1869-1955, book provided by Jr. Mrs. Club

     STANHOPE 1869-1976, book provided by the Bicentennial Committee and the History Book Committee.

     Story of Stanhope, Iowa - The Early Years

     Video source provided by The Stanhope Centennial Committee, "Images For Reflections." This multi-image programming production was provided by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Romp. 

     Historical pictures courtesy of past and present community members.

     Illustrations courtesy of Gene L. Helberg.

Special thanks to Norma Engelby for sharing the history of Stanhope from her personal collection of memoirs. 

     Historical information compiled by Dee Weir

Contributed by Arlene Cottington

Daily Freeman-Journal Photo.

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