Stanhope Newspapers

     May 12, 1893, "The Stanhope Mail" first peeped forth from under the press cylinder, took a shy look at the crowd standing around waiting to grab a copy and then leapt from the type into the outstretched hands.  J.E. Sogard was the actor cashier. 

     Fred Barkhurst was editor and owner of The Stanhope Mail. On February 12, 1904, Edward J. Johnson published his first edition of The Stanhope Mail. This paper was continued by him until August, 1906.

     On December 22, 1906, Fred Runkle revived The Stanhope Mail and published it until 1910. Mr. Runkle sold the paper to Henry H. Warner.  Mr. Warner published it for a few months and sold it back to Fred Runkle in 1911. This time Fred Runkle published the paper until the fall of 1914, at which time he left Stanhope to accept the position of superintendent of schools at Dayton, Iowa.

     Paul S. Walterick edited the Stanhope Enterprise in 1915. In 1918 he sold the paper to W.F. Dering. Walter L. Hurd came to Stanhope in 1934 and published the Stanhope Observer. After a couple of years he sold the paper to Orlin Granville, who was assisted by his sister Florence granville.

     Mr. Fred Runkle again returned to Stanhope in 1938 to publish the Stanhope Observer. Mr. Runkle continued to publish the paper until his death on April 10, 1944. Following Mr. Runkle's death, Mrs. Runkle and Robert Parker continued with the paper until it was sold to Hadley Read in June of 1944. Hadley Read published the paper for just a short time.

     The Stanhope News was the last newspaper to be published in Stanhope. This ws published by F.E. Beshey, whose first edition appeared on June 8, 1951. After a couple of months this paper was discontinued, and Stanhope has been without a newspaper since that time.

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