Items Available at the Library

                                       Books                             Audios                       Magazine

                                       Periodicals                     DVD’s                        Video Games

                                       Games                            Puzzles                      Coloring Books

                                       VR Headsets                Nintendo Switch       Xbox                      

                                       Wii                                  Computers                 Tablets                   

                                       Study Spaces                Reading Spaces        Cake Pans   

                                       Lego’s                            Copy’s                        Fax’s

                                       Lots of Local History Items                                                          


Circulation Policy

All books, periodicals, puzzles, audios, and 60 minutes-or less-in length videos may be checked out for a period of two weeks. A book may be checked out for a one-month period if this is agreed on by the Library Director. Books may be renewed for an additional two-week period, unless they are reserved for another patron. New Release DVD’s may be checked out for a fee of $1.00 for a period of 4 days. All other DVD's may be checked out free of charge for a period of two weeks.

Other fees include: Computer copies - $.25 per sheet, black or colored print. Fax machine - $1.00 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page. Other items; cake pans, puzzles, games, etc., may be checked out for a time agreed upon by the patron and the Library Director.

Library Card

Library cards are free, but you will need to provide a valid photo identification with your current address on it. If you have photo ID, but it does not have your current address, please provide a piece of mail, not junk mail, a blank check or some type of formal document that includes your current address.

You are limited to the number of items in like books, DVDs, puzzles, magazines, and audio books per check-out and for the length of time. You will be told at check out and you may also request a print out for your reference.


Using Your Card Online

After 24 hours, your new card is ready to be used via our online catalog. Click here to access  the BRIDGES system.

Please allow 24-48 hours for your library card to be recognized in the BRIDGES system. This system is not housed under the Stanhope Public Library administration.