Early Merchants
General Store

In 1883, Iver Johnson moved his store from Lake Center to Stanhope and H.E. Fardal went into business with him. This was the first permanent store in the town, as the general store started by Sam Lane had been of short duration.

In 1882 Sam Lane established the first general store located just south of the depot, which later burned in the fire.

Fun Fact:

The general store was often the first business in a community. People needed food which they could not produce and supplies which they could not make themselves. The general store sold goods ranging from food to farming supplies. The store became a popular meeting place where people could hear the latest news. The storekeeper knew everyone in the community and knew everything that went on in that community.

Laurence Reilly opened a store in 1883. In 1901 he and Frank Ristrim moved in with Alf Swanson making the firm Swanson, Reilly, and Ristrim.

     In 1896 the new building for Iverson Bros. & Co was completed. It was quite outstanding, being equipped with latest models in coal stoves, kerosene lamps, hand coffee grinder and other new, crisp merchandise.

     In 1885 Will Shaeffer and Alf Swanson started a general store. Later the business was operated by Swanson and Anderson. The latter was known as "Turkey" Anderson and his grand-daughter was Helen Wills Moody, the famous tennis player.

     A little later John Fardal went into business with them. The firm was then known as Swanson, Anderson and Fardal until 1889, when John Fardal moved to Webster City and Anderson moved to California.


     The first hardware store was owned and operated by Eugene L. Wheatley in the year 1888. Eugene was married to Miss Blanche Maxwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Maxwell, pioneer residents of this county. He didn't have the store very long and in 1912 returned to railroad work. Cy Jacobson then took over.

Fun Fact:

After the American Revolution, Paul Revere opened a hardware store, a foundry and eventually the first rolling copper mill in the United States. He provided materials for the historic frigate USS Constitution, which played an important role in the War of 1812 and is the worlds oldest floating commissioned naval vessel. He also produced more than 900 church bells, one of which still rings every Sunday in Bostons Kings Chapel. Revere Copper Products, Inc., is still in operation today.

Shoe Repair

     In the year 1891, Charley Anderson came to Stanhope from Sweden and established a shoe repair shop. From 1906 until 1914, he had his shoe repair business in various places about town. He carried on his business until his death in 1932. His son Alvin Anderson carried on the shoe repair business.


      For many years there was a hotel on the east side of the street. In 1890, from fall until spring, this was operated by Mr. and Mrs. Al Johnson. The owner of the building was Louis Peterson. He also built the hotel on the west side of the street. He ran it for some years and then Mr. E.A. Haney operated it. At the time of the fire, the building was owned by Michel Caffrey. All that was saved from the hotel was the piano. There had been dances held in the west side hotel when Mr. Haney operated it.

Harness, Blacksmithing, and Lumber Yard

     Bill Shaeffer was the first blacksmith to come to Stanhope and in 1891 sold to A.J. Levine who operated a blacksmith shop until 1912.

A.J. Levine

     There were very few harness shops in Stanhope, but it is said that Will Taylor was one of the first to operate one.  Another of the very early ones was operated by James Williams and L.R. Bolt. Will Kepler and F.A. Barquist were the last harness makers in Stanhope.

     In the early 1890's Joe Fardal started a lumber business. After a short time this business was taken over by Hans Fardal and John Fardal and did business as Fardal Bros. Lumber Co.

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