Druggists and Physicians

     Sometime previous to 1895 there was a drugstore on the west side called Hammel's Drug.  In 1896 Gilbert Hammacker operated a drugstore in town. An early Stanhope physician was Dr. Hawley in 1896.

Fun Fact:

     The doctor in a small prairie town had many duties. The doctor fixed broken limbs, diagnosed and treated many illnesses, delivered babies, and pulled teeth if there was no dentist in town. The doctor sometimes travelled to the patient's home if the person was unable to come to town.

Bank Services

     In 1892 the need for a bank in Stanhope became so evident that a few local people, together with stockholders of the First National Bank of Webster City, raised $25,000 capital and organized what became the Stanhope State Bank of Stanhope, Iowa. The bank commenced business in a small frame building. The president of the bank was L.L. Estes of Webster City, and until a permanent cashier could be located, the business was handled by John Glaman, a long time resident livestock buyer. A few months after the opening date, J.E. Sogard of Forest City, Iowa, was hired as cashier and in less than a year a brick bank building was built and the business moved there.

Telephone System

     The Martin Telephone Line was put through Stanhope in 1883. This gave the little village telephone connections with the County Seat, Des Moines, and all neighboring towns.


     John N. Maxwell walked from Illinois to Hamilton County. When he came to Iowa what is now Hamilton County, was then called Risley County. The country was then wild. In 1857 while he was in military service, Mr. Maxwell was a member of the company which went to Spirit Lake to bury settlers massacred by Indians.

     About the same time that John Maxwell was here, A.G. Brewer was also. He was justice of the peace, a notary public, a merchant, and he also ran a restaurant. He bought furs and was a pettifogger well-versed in law. Many times he and John Maxwell were opposing counsel in cases in Justice Courts.

     Peter Hove, prominent resident and former mayor, also served as Justice of Peace and member of the school board. Peter Hove was brought to the United States by his parents when he was 2 years old. He was a leader in all local affairs of a public nature, and a man whose judgement was widely sought by the people of his home town and community.

Fun Fact:

1869 -- 1st woman lawyer, Ada H. Kepler, of Illinois, graduates from the Union College of Law in Chicago. She is the first woman lawyer to graduate from a law school.

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