Grace Methodist Church

The Church was torn down in 1997. In 2011 the Stanhope Community Building was constructed on the site.

     Early in the spring of 1889 plans were made and the records show that Alfred Kepler and his wife, "In consideration of a desire to promote public morality and religion," sold to the trustees for a consideration of $75 the ground on which the church would stand. The church was dedicated November 9, 1889.

     As time went on the Methodists saw a need for a better and more modern church building. In the spring of 1937 the church board organized a committee to superintend the remodeling of the church. After the remodeling, an open house was held on Saturday evening, November 12, 1938. The kitchen was remodeled in the fall of 1955 and plans were made for redecorating the sanctuary.

Church of Christ (Disciples)

     Rev. Z.T. Queen was pastor during the time the Church of Christ church was erected. Work on the building was started in the fall of 1898, completed in the spring of 1899. The dedication service was so large that a tent was erected to accommodate the overflow. According to church records there were 22 charter members.

     The Stanhope Parish congregation is made up of Methodist and Disciples of Christ members. In 1997, the Methodist church in town was torn down and both ministries, which had already been conducting church services together, joined in the Disciples of Christ building and adopted the title 'Stanhope Parish.'

Our Saviors Lutheran Church

     On June 10, 1905 a general invitation was extended to all Lutherans in the Stanhope vicinity to meet in the Bank Hall to discuss organizing a congregation. Sixteen families responded and on October 10th of that year a new congregation was officially organized. 

     Building plans went forward with much labor being donated. By the fall of 1906 the church was completed. On October 14th the church was dedicated.

     In 1924 the high church steeple was struck by lightning and burned. It was replaced by a square brick tower.

     In 1968 a new parish education unit was begun. This was completed the following year. This included a beautiful large reception hall, new restrooms, and three new entrances. This was dedicated on June 2, 1969. In June 1975 the bell tower was rebuilt.

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